During the last days of August, the regional coordinators of the Docudays UА International Human Rights Film Festival gathered at the yearly seminar for preparation of the Traveling Festival, which traditionally follows the main Docudays UA festival that is held in Kyiv in March.

For two days, the participants of the seminar have been planning the events, discussing the practical specifics of copyright, taking part in a brainstorming session aimed on improvement of the Traveling Docudays UA promotion in their regions, sharing their experiences, etc.

At the moment, the Traveling Festival network comprises 53 major NGOs that are operating in 22 regions of Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The XIVth Traveling Docudays UA begins in October and will last until the end of December. Screenings, discussions, “living libraries”, round tables, and other educational and human rights protection events will take place in more than 200 cities and towns all over Ukraine.

As usual, the screenings schedule includes only the best and the most relevant international and Ukrainian documentaries. The screenings and discussions of the festival movies will be held in the movie theaters, cultural centers, universities, schools, youth clubs, libraries, book stores, and correctional facilities. The viewers will be able to talk to renowned human rights activists and artists.

The schedule of the events will appear at our website soon.

The Traveling International Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

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